About Us

Mustant Cagoret LOGO1Mustang Cadoret Corporation launched a commodities business in 2016, starting out as a grain and oil industry. At first, we were primarily involved in the trading market of products, starting out as a wheat and animal feeds.
In 2017, we began trading amphibious aircraft is intended for aerial fire fighting using water or fire-extinguishing agents; and we began trading latest helicopters.
Mustang Cadoret Corporation entered the oil trading market, trading crude all over the world.
A year later, starting in 2018, we after cementing our positions, we entered European, Asian and North America and South America markets: Mustang Cadoret Corporation are primarily trades crude oil and its full array of related products.
We entered the oil trading market and has since expanded its reach, trading in Iraqi, Saudi, Libyan, Russia, Egyptian crude.
The Mustang Cadoret Corporation act as a supplier for the African, Arabian Gulf and Mediterranean markets, North America and South America, countries of the Asia-Pacific region, countries of Europe.
We can trade millions tonnes of gasoline and naptha each year in addition to gasoline components and other products: jet, kerosene, diesel and heating oil, fuel oil, bitumen.
The Mustang Cadoret Corporation is rapidly becoming a key player in the trading, and has formed strong partnerships and continues to expand activity in this area.  
We has entered into a number of with leading international and national LNG suppliers, started trading LPG.
In 2019: consolidating and expanding the presence in the main international markets (America, Europe and Asia).
We trade all the components of the oil products and gas, to meet our clients' needs. We are capitalising on our expertise and long-standing commercial relationships by entering new markets and expanding business lines.
Today our trading activities span across the five continents internationally.

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Mustang Cadoret Corporation, USA