Mustang Cadoret Corporation provides the following services:

Exports – sales and transportation to other countries of goods that were produced by different sectors of the national economy.
Imports – the purchase and importation into one state of goods manufactured in other countries.
The use of economic principal of absolute advantage. In economics, the principle of absolute advantage refers to the ability of a party (an individual, or firm, or country) to produce a greater quantity of a good, product, or service than competitors, using the same amount of resources.

We provide services for the following types of exports of goods based on their destination and origin:

  1. The export of goods which have been manufactured or processed in a particular country.
  2. The export of raw materials/semi-finished products for further processing into another country under customs controls and with a later return.
  3. The export of goods that have already been imported from a foreign country, including the goods from the sale at international auctions, commodity exchange, etc. The export of goods according to the presented scheme is called re-export.
  4. The export to a foreign country of national products for short duration and later returns, for example, participation in exhibitions, fairs, etc., and also the exportation of the imported foreign goods, for example, participation in auctions, exhibitions, etc.

We provide services for the following types of imports of goods based on their destination and origin:

  1. The importation from abroad of goods or certain technologies for their further implementation on the national market of the importing country and receiving the repayable rendering of industrial or consumer services from the country of the counter party.
  2. The importation from foreign countries of domestic goods that were imported there. Such importation is called re-importation.
  3. Import of raw materials/components/semi-finished products/parts for further processing and then export abroad.
  4. The import of goods for a specific time frame to participate in exhibitions, fairs, auctions, etc.
  5. The importation of goods in the framework and in the system of direct production relationships.

We implement online recruitment and the supply of goods of international quality at competitive prices;

We provide services in the receipt of trading commissions from any country in any direction for finding a Buyer or Seller.
We provide services for transit trade activities through the session.
We provide commission services, intermediation through low taxation.
Lawful reduction of  tax liabilities.
We provide consulting services on taxation, company formation, foundations, management services companies and corporate
services international customers who wish to optimise the tax status of their investments in any country of the world.
We also provide our services internationally directly to customers – legal entities and individuals, families, companies, multinational corporations and financial institutions. Overall, we provide services to clients doing business in international trade (import, export, commission agencies).
We offer a full complex of services in international private capital and the planning procedures for the disposition of property. It is designed for families with any level of  income. Our unit for management of their financial welfare offers financial coordination and management, which includes all professional services required at the international level (law, accounting, taxes, cash flow, investment management, insurance, etc.).
We observe strict client confidentiality regarding their overall financial situation, different needs and their specific family objectives. In fact, the FBS acts as a trusted family advisor and family friend.
We provide services for commercial representation of any legal entity.